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SAT-level vocabulary

An essential element of entering a university in the United States is having one's vocabulary tested. Journalists at famous magazines such as Business Week or The Economist frequently use fairly demanding vocabulary in their articles. People in academics, especially in the U.S., use these terms to demonstrate their level of education and to underscore their inclusion in a certain community. If you do not understand this level of vocabulary, you will encounter difficulties in the upper echelons of the business world. We will include tests of SAT vocabulary in this education. You may find much relevant material available for the study of SAT vocabulary. This will help you bring your English skills up to an academic level. Do a search for “SAT words” on the Google web site.

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Financial reports

You have to be familiar with the terminology commonly used in financial reports. Start with the latest report by Akelius Fastigheter, which is available on www.akelius.se.

Learning more relevant terms

You may find a lot of terms using finance.yahoo.com. Share-trading vocabulary is not necessary. Concentrate on terms for the financial sector.

"Equity Residential" is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) involved in the acquisition, development, and management of multifamily properties in the United States: www.eqr.com.

One interesting German company is "Deutsche Wohnen": www.deutsche-wohnen.com.

“Din Bostad AB” is a listed residential real estate company in Sweden. We will be analyzing this company. Be sure to read through its financial report in English: www.dinbostad.se.

Use your dictionary for any words you do not understand. There is a good dictionary for financial matters at www.investopedia.com.

The course will include a lot of multiple choice testing and similar questions and contests. This means that it is important to be ready to learn these terms. Here are some more suitable addresses for learning more about financial reports:


Wikiversity is a free site for education on a university level

There is a free online university in the UK:

Our German friends may enter via:

There is an online translation service at:

The translations provided here are certainly of insufficient quality for publishing your texts, but can be used as a reading and understanding aid. It provides many good examples on how to use and understand individual terms. It may also be helpful for defining financial terms for your first essay.